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April 19, 2023 Minutes

April 19, 2023

General Meeting

Midtown KC Now

3931 Main Street

Kansas City, Missouri

Start Time 6:31pm

Board Members Present:

Nadja Karpilow, Matthew Browning, Dianna Atkinson, Angie Phillips, Betsy Ambrose, Jacob Ambrose, Aaron Fightmaster,

Other Neighbors Present:

Deb Robinson, Glenn Martin, Maria Martin, Nirmal Khalsa, Maggie Green, Chris Jones, Will Dubois, Leigh Blumenthal

Nadja called the meeting to order at 6:31 pm.

Dianna presented the treasurer’s report. The balance was $2,666.21.

Angie moved to postpone approval of the February meeting minutes.

Spring Block Party

  • Postponing to fall – we want to make sure this is a good representation of the neighborhood

  • See if we can collaborate with all neighborhoods in midtown

  • Collaborating with local businesses

KC Streetcar Main Street Extension, Maggie Green

Neighborhood Roadshow

  • Facetime with neighborhoods

  • KC Streetcar Construction on schedule.

  • Pedestrian improvements along with the project

  • Last of storm sewer and electrical work is occurring now

  • Update on Annex at 39th & Baltimore – non-electrical work to begin later this year. Building materials need to be confirmed with commission’

Sustainable Dev. Partners - Westport Commons discussion Will Dubois & Chip Walsh

  • Amendment to the approved plan

  • OHP, Southmoreland, Hyde Park sent letter about concerns

    • Follow up meeting with board

    • Meeting with other stakeholders

    • Looking to get input and see where agreement can be found

  • Zoning is approved for 100 units

  • Need to submit final plan that will be heard in a public forum

    • Will not be moving to that step for several weeks or possibly months

    • Pushed zoning forward to start looking at building costs, financial needs, etc.

  • As they go through construction estimation they will go through to see where additional brick can be added

  • Will Dubois presented neighborhood examples that they used to come up with current design and also the current rendering

    • Brick will be brick of some sort

    • They will look at the views to make sure there won’t be a view of the mechanical on the roof top

  • Can they use cheaper materials inside and upgrade outward facing buildings?

  • What is the trash plan for the property? Plan to include recycling.

  • Parking commitment – if residents are not able to adequately able to park on site, they will open the Plexpod garage

  • Traffic plan for areas

    • Hawk Light (Pedestrian controlled crossing) going in near 39th and Warwick

    • Possible walkability study for the area?

    • Trying to get a 4-way stop at 38th & Warwick

Short Term Rental

  • Neighborhood planning and development regarding ordinance substitute

  • Wanting to shift STR from planning to neighborhoods

  • Type 2 – nonresident rentals – push to ban in neighborhoods

  • Did not vote on issues

  • KC neighborhood advisory council leading the effort

Midtown KC Now update from Leigh Blumenthal

  • KC Water Public meeting – water main replacement, Broadway 31st to 39th

  • Will have weekly meetings

  • Coffee Klatch first Wednesday of every month

  • Midtown neighborhood forums – trying to get those kick started again

  • Workgroups for certain topics: small business, public space, homeless

  • Porchfest is back – October 14th (Roanoke & Valentine neighborhoods)

KC Spirit playbook: KC's new plan that will be voted on 4/20/2023

My KCMO app: free download for reporting various things - alternative to 311

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