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  • OHPHD Neighborhood Assoc.

August 2017 Meeting Minutes

Old​ ​Hyde​ ​Park​ ​Historic​ ​District,​ ​Inc.

A neighborhood association working to promote, strengthen, and maintain the quality of life in Old Hyde Park Board of Directors Meeting August 16, 2017

In attendance: Anne Papineau Nelson, Mikael Nelson, Dianne Atkinson, Scot Stockton, Bill Buek, Debi Robinson, Shanna Robinson, Shanna Keller, Tom Besgrove, Craig, Anderson, Leigh Blumenthal, Martin Phillips, Kaitlyn Bunch, Nadja Karpilow, Lisa P, Diane Burnette, Ryan Mott Excused: DuRon Netsell The meeting was called to order at 6:33pm by Marty Phillips 1. Minutes: No changes to June minutes

2. Treasurer’s Report by Dianna Atkinson a. Balance $4018.94 b. Will email out reminder of dues to members

3. Guests

a. Report from Leah and Diane of Maincor i. Broadway CID ii. Details of the CID - will have Blue Shirt Workers iii. Will use Rockhurst students to clean up streets soon iv. September 1 will begin v. Coffee Klatch at 3215 Main St every 1st Wednesday 8am-9:30 vi. Third Thursday Networking Luncheon at 11:30am -1:00pm at 3215 Main Street $10 vii. Midtown neighborhood outreach to bring neighborhood associations together viii. If issues in between CIDs, contact Diane or Leah

b. Report from Lisa Briscoe from Historic Kansas City i. Invited by Nadja - focused on development as more people are moving in ii. Helped establish the historical district of OHP iii. What does it mean to live in a historic district? 1. Every neighborhood is different 2. Encourage to talk with other historic districts 3. Get out of it what you put into it 4. Landmarks Commission can help maintain neighborhood feel & objectives 5. Proposed to have Landmarks come out to discuss importance of historic feel 6. Plan out what we want for vacant lots in neighborhood 7. Stay informed and keep rest of board informed 8. Recognize means of leverage iv. How do you work with the city? 1. Be proactive 2. Establish a relationship with the staff (especially with Ashley) 3. Make sure neighborhood board is on same page about what’s happening 4. Make relationship with Andrew Clemens renovating houses in our district (38th and Baltimore) 5. Work with developers as much as possible

4. Board Reports:

a. Conservation Update - Scot i. No update - headed to do a city wide conservation plan ii. Perhaps want a special character district iii. Midtown-Plaza Implementation Meetings (ask for a subcommittee for neighborhoods)

b. Litter… It Matters - Nadja i. August 24th 6-7pm 38th and Warwick ii. Doing square blocks iii. Traffic Calming at 38th and Warwick - Friday Aug. 25th 10am to 5pm

c. Block Party - Kaitlyn i. October 8, 4pm to 7pm ii. Same location

d. Neighborhood News i. Armour Bike Lanes - not being built in 2017, no follow up from city about when - per Kaitlyn ii. No updates on welcoming committee, update next meeting? iii. Westport Middle School Tour Next Tuesday, Aug 22 5:30-6:30 iv. Elections next meeting 1. President, VPII, Treasurer, 2 Directorships 2. Need 3 for nominations committee v. Next streetcar election October 7 for TDD Committee 1. Only one polling place vi. Thriftway potential tenant fell through, Monarch Building & Hawthorne Building have contract from KC developer, Economic Development Committee for Maincor working on Linwood near Main

Adjourned at 8:09pm

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