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  • OHPHD Neighborhood Assoc.

February 15, 2023 Minutes

February 15, 2023

General Meeting

Midtown KC Now

3931 Main Street

Kansas City, Missouri

6:32 pm –

Board Members Present:

Nadja Karpilow, Matthew Browning, Dianna Atkinson, Angie Phillips, Betsy Ambrose, Jacob Ambrose, Tabitha Judson

Other Neighbors Present: Valerie Andruss Adam Hollingsworth Henry Rizzo T. Glenn Martin Paul Zehr

Matthew Muckenthaler Leigh Blumenthal Peter Cassel Nirmal Khalsa

Shelby Lewer Nik Lewer

The meeting was called to order at 6:32 pm. Nadja called the meeting to order. Dianna presented the treasurer’s report.

The balance was $2,641.21 with no income or expenses.

There were two guest speakers present: Paul Zehr from Cultivate KC, and Matthew Muckenthaler from KCMO Public Works

· No formal presentation for the meeting; talking points and some slides presented

· Various statistics shared underutilized metered parking across KCMO; underutilized parking spaces downtown

· No plans for Parking Benefit/ Parking Plan/ Parking District for our neighborhood

· In order for the city to take action the neighborhood will need to engage with elected officials to pass an ordinance to move forward.

· Expected to take 6 to 12 months

· Hyde Park already has a Parking Study planned (need to verify – this might have been the study that was just completed)

Peter Cassel provided an update on the Mac Properties development at Armour & Troost.

Old/New business Briefly touched on new developments at Main & Armour and Westport Commons.

Discussed retaining wall on Wyandotte - agreed with staff recommendation to use limestone instead of plastic bricks. Solar panels on Wyandotte - should we come up with a plan for this moving forward?

Bliss Books grand opening - February 18th

• 3600 Walnut has been approved

• 3609 Walnut is in process

Leigh Blumenthal from Midtown KC provided general update.

The next meeting will be April 19, 2023.

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