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April 2017 Minutes

Submitted April 19 by Anne Papineau Nelson

Old Hyde Park Historic District, Inc.

A neighborhood association working to promote, strengthen, and maintain the quality of life in Old Hyde Park Board of Directors Meeting April 19, 2017 In attendance: Marty Phillips, Scot Stockton, Mikael Nelson, Nadja Karpilow, Dianna Atkinson, Leigh Ann Dull, Anne Papineau Nelson, Kaitlyn Bunch, Shanna Keller, Ryan Mott, Andy Erdrich, Lea Klepees, Kathryn Golden, Amanda Quance, Stan Henry, Matthew Browning Excused: DuRon Netsell Absent:

Next scheduled meeting: June 21 at KCYA on Main Street

The meeting was called to order at 6:37pm by Marty Phillips

1. Minutes: No changes to February minutes

2. Treasurer’s Report (attached) Dianna Atkinson a. Starting Balance: $3518.52 b. Balance: $3696.88 c. Costs: March maintenance fee $2.00, April maintenance fee $2.00 d. Income: $182.36 for membership dues

3. Guests a. Report from Kathryn Golden at Porchfest KC i. Valentine Neighborhood overwhelmed by demand, amount of bands, and size ii. Exploring expanding Porchfest KC into close neighborhoods iii. 141 bands last year iv. Paid for through Neighborhood Tourism Grant and individual contributions, KC Life pays for printing of maps and t-shirts v. No cost to neighborhood vi. June-July sign up for bands and porches vii. Need to go to to submit application 1. We need to work on recruiting homes for porches near Broadway and over, get them to sign up viii. Need to provide powerstrip, no kegs, band uses public portapotties ix. Insurance is provided for the event x. Event is October 14th

4. Board Reports: a. Crosswalks Project Update - Mikael i. City has agreed to paint crosswalks at Wyandotte and 36th street can be completed in early June ii. No city ok with us actually doing b. Conservation Update - Scot i. Scot has sent in proposal to city, waiting on updates ii. Looking for members to join committee c. Litter… It Matters - Nadja i. Dumpster coming 9-12 on May 6 at 3801 Wyandotte ii. April 22nd Emmanual Tech High School will take hazardous waste iii. April 24th 6pm LItter it Matters on Central street d. Website Update - Kaitlyn i. Looking for photos of the neighborhood for website ii. Proposing creating official Old Hyde Park Neighborhood Association page that allows the Board to share posts about Board business e. Social Activities - Shanna i. Spring happy hour at Krokstrom Klubb ii. Saturday coffee at Mother Earth Coffee iii. Informal porch pop ups on blocks to encourage neighbors to join together

5. Old Business a. None

6. New Business a. Marty - difficulty with receiving emails from Board members, Shanna still not receiving emails for Board in her board email address b. Marty proposes voting on OPUS development in Westport i. OPUS would build a 5 story apartment building at corner of Westport Rd and Main ii. Pro: will have a shop not bar in first floor, will help development, clean up neighborhood, land will be turned into parking lot if not developed iii. Cons: height not consistent with 2 story buildings on Westport Rd, lack of parking iv. Kaitlyn proposes holding off on a board vote until after April 25 meeting at Westport Library at 6:30pm to see what the surrounding neighborhoods agree on c. Marty proposes in terms of the TDD vote that board members who are petitioners on the ballot recuse themselves i. Ultimately, Dianna Atkinson read the letter about the TDD Election ballot sign-up instructions ii. Proposal to have debate at June meeting from both sides of Streetcar discussion for neighborhood iii. Mikael assisted members in signing up for ballot

Adjourned at 8:00pm

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