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  • OHPHD Neighborhood Assoc.

February 2017 Minutes

Submitted February 23 by Anne Papineau Nelson

Old Hyde Park Historic District, Inc.

A neighborhood association working to promote, strengthen, and maintain the quality of life in Old Hyde Park

Board of Directors Meeting

February 15, 2017

In attendance: Marty Phillips, DuRon Netsell, Scot Stockton, Mikael Nelson, Nadja Karpilow, Dianna Atkinson, Lou Steele, Lea Klepees, Matthew Vander Molen, Andy Erdrich, Chelsea Boren, Michael Fischer, David Brain

Excused: Kaitlyn Bunch, Anne Papineau Nelson


Next scheduled meeting:

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by Marty Phillips

  1. Minutes: No changes to December minutes

  2. Treasurer’s Report (attached) Dianna Atkinson

  3. Starting Balance: $3470.52

  4. Balance: $3518.52

  5. Income: $50 - 1 memberships

  6. Guests

  7. Report from Bridging the Gap by Matthew Vander Molen

  8. Pledge of watering for 2 years

  9. Needs 25 trees per neighborhood to go ahead

  10. Trees must be in easement/right of way back from the street

  11. Needs OHP to canvas and use our network to find people to take trees

  12. Will allow to pick your tree

  13. Report on Westport Commons from Lou Steele and David Brain

  14. Set to be a coworking space for as little as $150/month, primarily tech

  15. Small grocery by Sundry with carry out, cafe, and restaurant

  16. $25 million spent with 100 meeting rooms

  17. Estimated 400-500 people a day working at location

  18. Parking garage on 39th

  19. Grand opening in June

  20. Plans for Bcycle and Zip Car stations with possible crosswalk across 39th street

  21. Board Reports:

  22. Crosswalks Project Update - Mikael

  23. Preliminary schedule created and decided intersections chosen

  24. Next step: create design

  25. Conservation Update - Scot

  26. Scot is getting proposal reviewed before submitting to the city

  27. Unknown cost to OHP

  28. Litter… It Matters - Nadja

  29. March 25 - kick off

  30. Integrate donuts & coffee

  31. Need to post on facebook

  32. Old Business

  33. Rockfest in Penn Valley Park - Nadja

  34. Nadja isn’t deterred by concert moving

  35. Plans to resend support letter - will vote next meeting

  36. New Business

  37. Dumpster rental for members - April 20, 29, or May 6. Dates not confirmed yet

  38. Marty would like to create a welcoming committee

  39. Cohort - UMKC Program

  40. Workshop for neighborhood training

  41. March 7 - once a week for 3 hours, 16 weeks long around 5:30pm at UMKC campus

  42. Signup and more info at, or 816-235-6931

Adjourned at 7:50pm

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