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  • OHPHD Neighborhood Assoc.

October 2016 Minutes

Submitted October 24 by Diana Kennedy

Old Hyde Park Historic District, Inc.

A neighborhood association working to promote, strengthen and maintain

the quality of life in Old Hyde Park

Board of Directors Meeting

October 19, 2016

In attendance: Marty Phillips, Diana Kennedy, Dianna Atkinson, Nadja Karpilow,

Kaitlyn Bunch, Scot Stockton, Sat Inder Khalsa, Mikael Nelson, DuRon Netsell



Next scheduled meeting: December 14, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 6:45 pm by Marty Phillips.

I. Minutes: 8/17/2016 minutes were accepted as presented

II. Treasurer’s report (attached) Sat Inder:

  • Expenses: $827.77

  • Balance: $3427.39

  • 2016-2017 budget was presented for discussion. The Board voted to accept the budget as presented.

  • 7/2015-6/2016 Annual Report was presented

III. President’s Report:

  • Marty sent a letter of support to the July Jubilee and Expressions of Arts Series on behalf of the Whole Person.

  • Broadway CID will be funded by a one cent sales tax on 80 businesses. The CID will be completed by 9/2017.

  • Marty will check with The Whole Person for BOD meeting availability on 12/14.

IV. Committee Reports


Programs & Events

  • Litter…It Matters: the last clean-up of the year will be 10/24, 6:00 pm, meet at 38th Baltimore

  • Block Party: The annual October 9th event was a great success…thank you Kaitlyn!

Safety & Security

Neighborhood Marketing

  • Website: Kaitlyn said the website is officially ready with the online membership form available and PayPal working! Let her know if any updates are needed.

Audit & Nominating

  • Nominating Committee: Bill Burk, Susan Sullivan, Matthew Brown

Election results:

  • VP: Scot Stockton

  • Secretary: Anne Papineau

  • Directors: Shannon Keller, DuRon Netsell

Bill Burke led the new officers in the Oath of Office.

Government Outreach Committee

V. Old Business

  • Hyde Park playground (38th Gillham): Cornerstones of Care is working on getting funding for the equipment. A motion was made and carried to donate $100.00 on behalf of OHPHD.

  • Neighborhood Conservation overlay: Scot, Sat Inder & Diana continue meeting to define the mission; create goals; establish guidelines.

  • Bike plan: DuRon said there is a public meeting 10/22, 10:00 am at MainCor regarding the proposed plan.

VI. New Business

  • Crosswalks Project: Mikael told of this Waldo project that involves the neighborhood in promoting safer crosswalks. Selected crosswalks are designed, decorated/painted by neighborhoods. Mikael will arrange for a Waldo Neighborhood Association contact to come to the December Board meeting to discuss project.

Adjourned: 8:00 pm

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