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April 20, 2022 Minutes

April 20, 2022

General Meeting


300 E. 39th Street

Kansas City, Missouri

6:30 pm – 8:03 pm

Present: Scot Stockton

Dianna Atkinson

Matthew Browning

Nadja Karpilow

Deb Robinson

Jacob Ambrose

Betsy Ambrose

Tabitha Judson

Leigh Blumenthal

Reid Vilbrig

The meeting was called to order at 6:34 pm.

After introductions Dianna Atkinson gave a treasurer’s report. After expenses paid for membership to Midtown Now KC and Historic KC, there remains a balance of $2,986.77. Dianna noted that expenses now exceed membership income.

Deb Robinson moved to accept the February 2022 meeting minutes. Dianna seconded, and all were in favor.

Nadja Karpilow asked the group if anyone was interested in bringing back Litter...It Matters, a litter cleanup effort in the neighborhood. People were responsive and plans were made to meet at a later-to-be-determined site on the first Monday of each month at 6 pm. The first meet will be on May 2 and will start at 38th and Central.

Tabitha will post this information on the Unofficial Old Hyde Park Facebook page and the website.

Nadja asked if anyone wanted to put together a summer edition of a neighborhood newsletter. There was discussion on printing options, including the library who will print for free black and white copies. Nadja and Deb will begin a draft and share with the board for contributions and edits.

Matthew Browning gave a brief update on the conversations with streetcar and city officials on the development of a maintenance building at 38th and Baltimore. At the second meeting materials and design were discussed. Matthew and Nadja will be meeting with them again on April 21.

There was discussion on the status of the property at 3722 Central. The developer has continued to neglect the property. It was reported that squatters are at the site. Nadja has been trying to get information on the status of the design plan that still needs to go to Brad Wolf at Preservation for approval.

Leigh Blumenthal from Midtown KC Now gave an update on midtown activities. Midtown Now KC is hosting their space for a community meeting called by McDonalds. They are requesting an amendment to the overlay so that they can add another drive-thru lane to their restaurant. The meeting will be on April 28 at 6 pm.

The Burger King on Main and Armour has been sold.

A drug-take-back event is scheduled for Saturday, April 30 at Murray Davis Park from 10 am to 2 pm.

On May 19 is Midtown KC Now Party in the Parking Lot to celebrate the hard work of the CID staff who make Midtown cleaner, safer, and inviting to all.

Old Hyde Park board elections will take place in October. In 2018 the bylaws were revised and approved extending the term limits. Scot will form a nominating committee for the upcoming elections and will check what positions are open.

Scot shared that Elon from Exact Partners reached out to Southmoreland Neighborhood regarding the transfer of the liquor license at Fast stop at 39th and Warwick to 3636 Main for an ‘upscale’ liquor store. Scot will follow up,

It was noted that 3624 Walnut sold for $629,000 to a California investor to use the house as an Airbnb. This type of land use hurts the neighborhood.

Tabitha reported that Preservation denied the demolition of 3427 Wyandotte but that the owners will appeal and declare economic hardship.

Leigh noted that the city proposed a tenting ordinance but that it has been tabled due to the lack of information available.

The meeting adjourned at 8:03. The next meeting is June 15, 2022.


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