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  • OHPHD Neighborhood Assoc.

August 2020 Minutes

August 19, 2020

General Meeting

Virtual Neighborhood Meeting

Kansas City, Missouri

6:30 pm – 7:34 pm

Board Members Present: Scot Stockton, Nadja Karpilow, Matthew Browning, Dianna Atkinson, Deb Robinson

Board Members Absent: Angie Phillips.

Other Neighbors Present: Tabitha Judson, Reid Viltig, Marty Phillips.

Special Guests: Peter Cassell.

After introductions, Scot Stockton presented the June minutes for approval if there were no changes or comments. Deb Robinson motioned to accept the minutes as presented. Marty Phillips seconded and all were in favor.

Dianna Atkinson gave the treasurers report. There is currently a balance of $4,171.27.

The group discussed briefly the July 9 meeting that was held with Mr. Fine regarding his property at 3704 Central. Mr. Fine is seeking to change the zoning on the property to R-1.5 to support a group home. Currently the property is zoned UR. He is also seeking a special use permit (SUP). There is a planning commission hearing on September 1. A letter opposing the zoning change was sent to the commission on behalf of the Old Hyde Park Historic District board.

Peter Cassel from MAC Properties gave an update on the properties MAC is currently working on. 211 Armour in Old Hyde Park has begun leasing and will have its first tenant(s) September 5. An open house is planned for September-October.

The new construction at Cherry and Armour is moving along and they are expecting tenants to move in at the end of the year. That building will have 110 units.

New construction at Armour and Troost will begin at the end of the year. The first building will have 60 units.

When asked about the vacant commercial space on Main Street, just north of Armour, Mr. Cassell said that it needs a tenant and if anyone is interested in starting a business to contact them.

Nadja gave a quick update on the McDonalds. The sidewalk on 38th and Central has been torn up since February. It is moving very slowly and it has had permit delays and broken pipelines. She has been in contact with the project engineer who has been responsive.

There was no report from Midtown Now KC this month.

Construction on water lines on Main Street is upcoming.

Gillham Road has new bicycle lanes.

The next meeting will be October 21. There will be no elections since the officer terms are longer now.

There was a short discussion about writing a fall-winter newsletter and maybe even possibly mailing them this year to increase awareness.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:34 pm


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