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  • OHPHD Neighborhood Assoc.

June 2019 Minutes

June 19, 2019

General Meeting

Plexpod, Room 1K, 39th Street

Kansas City, Missouri

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Board Members Present:Scot Stockton, Nadja Karpilow, Matthew Browning, Dianna Atkinson, Angie Phillips, Debra Robinson

Others Present: Jeff Burk, Bill Burk (no relations) Excused Absence: None

Scot called the meeting to order.

Dianna gave the treasurers report. The current balance is $3,780.00. A new account was opened at Commerce Bank on the Plaza. Dues for membership are due.

Dianna moves to approve the February and April minutes. Scot seconded and all were in favor.

There was a discussion on the McDonalds project on Broadway. A background on their project was provided: they needed a variance to re-do their building and add a second drive-thru lane since a portion of the property facing Central street is zoned residential. McDonalds (lawyer, engineer, manager, owner and headquarters) met with board members to share their plans. The board agreed to write a letter of support contingent on McDonald’s commitment to replace the railroad ties currently used to border the property with improved materials. It was discussed among the group that it would be a good idea to become more acquainted with the city planner assigned to our area.

There was a discussion on the presentation by Professor Jake Wagner on May 1 on neighborhood planning. Thirty people from various neighborhoods attended. “Planning is management of change” was a point recalled. Also, starting small with a neighborhood plan is encouraged – even just a one-page document is useful. Asset planning was also discussed: learning what assets are in our neighborhood, including people and their talents, is encouraged.

Litter…It Matters is scheduled for June 24 to clean Warwick Street.

Nadja reported that there is no movement on the historic guidelines currently.

Scot reported that Brad and Sheila from the Landmarks/Preservation office are working on paint color recommendations with the information Scot provided them.

The group discussed the upcoming change in city council and mayor’s office. It was suggested a letter to them from our board, or better yet from multiple historic districts, suggesting that a new landmarks commission that respects the efforts of historic districts be appointed. Nadja volunteered to start a draft letter.

The group discussed possible speakers for our next meeting in August.

A printing of a summer newsletter was discussed. It could announce the neighborhood cleanup event currently being organized by Old Hyde Park Historic District and Heart of Westport neighborhood associations. A date has not been determined yet.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm. The next meeting is scheduled for August 21, 2019.


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