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  • OHPHD Neighborhood Assoc.

June 2020 Minutes

June 17, 2020

General Meeting

Virtual Neighborhood Meeting

Kansas City, Missouri

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Board Members Present: Scot Stockton, Nadja Karpilow, Matthew Browning, Dianna Atkinson, Angie Phillips, Deb Robinson.

Other Neighbors Present: Karta Purkh, Satinder Purkh, Tracey Chappell.

Special Guests: Tracey Chappell, Leigh Blumenthal, Holly Sticken.

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm and introductions were made.

All three of the historic district plaques have been sold and delivered.

Tracey is running as a candidate for Jackson County Prosecutor. She currently is the prosecutor for the City of Blue Springs. She has experience has a private litigator and as a defense attorney. Her goals as Jackson County prosecutor are to:

1. Reduce mass local and state incarceration

2. Eliminate cash bail for low level crimes

3. Bring back preliminary hearings to bring more transparency

4. Support more divergent programs

5. Establish liaisons with neighborhoods to reduce violent crime

6. Expand the mental health court

She thanked everyone for being able to attend this evening’s meeting and hopes we will vote on November 3.

A representative from The Netherland did not come to the meeting, however there was discussion on the liquor license request they made to Regulated Industries. The request was for a license to cover the first two floors and the roof top where live music is planned. The board would like to work out an agreement with The Netherland to protect the neighborhoods from loud music occurring on the roof top.

The Netherland is planning to use the units as hotel space if the units are not rented. Currently there is 40% occupancy.

Leigh from Midtown Now KC gave a few updates. The property at 40th and Main (formerly Thriftway) had been planned to be a small grocery, then it was purchased by a church. Due to push back from the neighborhood (Southmoreland?), the property will be Midtown Market. It will have a coffee bar, wine and beer, and some groceries, but not a full-fledged market. If the neighbors want produce and other market items, it would be good to let them know. The market will require a liquor license. The distance required by regulated industries used to be 300 feet and now it is 100 feet. Leigh suggested she could organize a luncheon with the new owner.

The pandemic will affect the Broadway CID since they are funded by sales tax. However, the Main Street CID is not funded in the same way.

The Makerspace has closed at 3933 Main Street. Another create space location and ice cream shop is opening at 207 Westport.

Officer Holly Sticken shared some information, including that at this time there are 23 more homicides than last year at this time. There has been a rash of cars being stolen by people driving around in a SUV and checking car doors. She reminded us to keep our car doors locked.

Angie Phillips moved to approve the February minutes. Matthew Browning seconded, and all were in favor.

The next board/general meeting is scheduled for August 19, 2020.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:56 pm.


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